IBCC Industries

Our Process

We conduct an engineering review to insure we understand your technical needs and that we can provide precisely what you are looking to source in Asia with IBCC. In this critical process, we carefully assess your needs using APQP to develop a capable process and insure a good match for our own factories and robust supply chain. This process is very regimented and captures the experience we have garnered from 30 years in global manufacturing of machined castings, forgings, and assemblies. We then provide you with a timeline detailing all major milestones so that we can track progress to ISIR sample, pilot and production phases.

We assign a project manager to your account who is 100% responsible for communication both ways insuring no mis-communication from poor hand-off of critical information. Once the project is launched, you will then have an assigned customer service manager who will be responsible for tracking WIP through the raw material supply chain, CNC machining, secondary processing, logistics and inventory. Your ability to connect with IBCC’s top management is unhindered, and we are always willing to assist in extraordinary situations to make sure your needs are met.

We operate like a domestic supplier in multiple continents by making sure you have a complete capture in real-time of everything you need to know about what you are buying from us, and what we are doing to insure consistent perfection in pricing, quality and delivery.